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Merge Information

Hello players.
As you may know,Paradise Isle and Magical Ocean will be merging (combining into 1 server) on 27th of January, therefore we've prepared exact information's which explains how whole merging system works. 

- Users will be asked to login into merging page on the website (Link will be provided on 27th of January)
- After login, system will show your available characters on Paradise Isle. You can choose which characters you want to merge into Magical Ocean.
- Your account on Magical Ocean has to have enough character slots in order to successfully merge characters from Paradise Isle. 
 Example: You have 2 characters on Paradise  Isle and 3 characters on  Magical Ocean. Means: Your Magical Ocean character slots are full and in order to successfully merge   characters from Paradise Isle you will need to  delete 2 characters on Magical Ocean.
- Once you're eligible for the merging process,select the character you want to merge and wait for the admin to approve your request.
- Once admin approves your request you will have everything transferred from Paradise Isle to Magical Ocean. Ex: Level, Skills, Inventory, Temporary Bag, etc...
- After the merge process is completed your character at Paradise Isle will be deleted.

Additional information:
- All characters merged will have a change of their name. Their original name will have '[PI]' at the end. Example: Original: xPurpleDragon   Merge: xPurpleDragon[PI]
- All characters merged will be able to change their name 1 time for free at
- Users will have limited time to merge their characters into Magical Ocean. 
Paradise Isle will officially close on 10th of February.

Mon, Jan 2019 - by Ogi