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Update: January 1st 2019

PATCH NOTES - January 1st 2019

Added option on the patcher to switch to new UI (click on the settings tab on the patcher) 
Added target drop info feature (right click on the monster and click "Drop info",it will show all the items that are available as a drop and their drop %) 
Added item compare feature (hower over an item and it will compare the item with the one you currently have equipped) 
Added forbidden stalls near portal feature 
Added Invisible Necklace/Coral/Ring in Item Mall
Added hexathlon in the /map list (type /map in local chat and press Enter) 
Added new apparels into Item Mall 
Changed Black Dragon respawn time from 48h to 36h 
Changed Reindeer mount model to Bald Turkey mount model (due to model issues) 
Fixed Mini Amplifier of Strive icon in potion UI 
Fixed Amplifier consumption (can't be used again while already in use) 
Fixed Minor bugs Added Pirate Clubs for MO 
Increased gem caps in Magical Ocean 
  • Eye of Black Dragon:  New max lvl 3
  • Heart of Black Dragon : New max lvl 3
  • Locke's Power: New max lvl = 4
  • Jade Gems: New max lvl = 4

Wed, Jan 2019 - by Angeles