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Xmas Event

Xmas event is out! ---> 

* Each Dice roll uses up 300 PO item mall points or 1 Xmas Point. When players mall 2k imp will automatically receive 1 Xmas Point.

* Click "Roll Dice" to being the Pirate´s Journey !!. Your Pirate will move based on the number of points you rolled. When your Pirate stops, you´ll obtain the prize(s) found in that spot.

* When you reached the final spot, your pirate will return to the starting point.

* All prizes will be deliver to player´s Storage Boxes. 

What can i get by playing it?

Fairy Skill Removal [Slot 1]

Fairy Skill Removal [Slot 2]

Fairy Skill Removal [Slot 3]

3.5x Amplifier of Strive

Xmas Mystery Box

Lv 65 Ring Ticket

Bounty Hunter Reward

Velvet Wings

The Universe Purse

Angelic Dice

Charmed Berry *3

Auto Rations *49

Carcas of Death

(Mount) Frost Chimera

Jade chest

Funny Bunny Chest


When you reached the final spot, you will receive the last prize for complete the Board "Promotion Chest": than includes includes BD gems, Ugs lv 1-2, Jades- Lockes, Refining Gems, lustrious...

Tue, Dec 2018 - by Ogi