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Halloween Update

Halloween Update 

General Information: Please make sure to restart your client and download the newest patch, if you don't download the newest patch you will not be able to login anymore.
How to get updated?
1. Use the Autopatcher
2. Download the latest Halloween patch on the website in the downloads section.

1. Patch Info:

Magical Ocean:
* Unique Gem Max lv from level 2 to 3
* Locke's Power Max lv 2 to 3
* Lustrious Gem Lv 4 to Lv 5

Both servers:

* Broken Gem of Striking can be forged into Bow's
* Option to Hide Stalls now available (go to Game Settings and select hide stall [yes] or [No] )
* 4x Exp Available from October 21st - October 26th
* 5x Exp Available October 27th - October 31st
* Halloween Quest Available
* Halloween Mystery Box Added to Mall
* Fairy Marriage now contains the requirement information

2. Halloween Quest Info

You can start the quest by talking to Werewolf Jack in argent, he will give you a quest to follow to get some exclusive Halloween prizes.
Note: His location changes, as he is a walking NPC (Argent City)
Possible Prizes: Green Mask, Red Mask, Blue Mask, Monster Santa Hat

3. Halloween Pumpkin Boss Event
Date: October 31st 2018, 1PM server time; November 1st 1AM server time (WEBSITE TIME)

4. Halloween Mystery Box
Rewards: 5%  Pumpkin Mount, 15% Apparel Set 1, 15% Apparel Set 2, 15% Apparel set 3, 15% Apparel set 4, 25% Random.
Limited Amount

Mon, Oct 2018 - by Joseph