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100$ Amazon Giveaway

Hello players!

We would like to announce a special event in collaboration with MMOBYTE (Famous MMORPG Youtuber).

Event Time: 9PM server time, September 29th 2018

What is this event all about?
Well, as you may have read already in the title of this event, we will be giving away 4x 25USD amazon cards and 5x 1000 Item mall Points, as an added bonus for the player's who are actually in-game Pirates Online,you can also take part in a drop event at the same time. If you are from Paradise Isle server move over to magical ocean just for the event, and whatever you get during the event you can have it transferred over to Paradise Isle server if you wish.

Exact Details:
1. 2x 25USD Amazon cards + 3000 Item Mall points will be given in the ingame event at Magical Ocean
(All you have to do is attend the event and a random winners will be chosen)
2. Refer to the following link:
to have a chance to win the rest of the prizes: 2x 25usd Amazon cards and 2000 item mall points.

As an extra note we would also like to let everyone know that MMOBYTE will be making a video of the Chaos argent battle in Magical Ocean at 8PM server time, and will also be taking a video of the in-game event afterwards.
In order to be able to record the Chaos Argent battles, GameMasters will lend him a decent character,however this character will be deleted after the event.

 Thank you for continuous support,enjoy playing Pirates Online!

Fri, Sep 2018 - by Ogi