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"My journey" event winners

Dear players!

As you may have noticed,there was "My Pirates Online journey"event going on until yesterday,27th of April. 
The purpose of this event was sharing our lovely characters and giving a feedback of our beloved server. 

During this event we have received a lot of posts in our main group on facebook & discord! 
5 pictures that got the most likes in group & discord together,will be rewarded!" 

 The winners are: 
1st place: KissTsup 67 total likes 
 2nd place: ( No name ) 65 total likes 
3rd place: CrotchRocket 53 total likes 
 4th place: 420LIFE 50 total likes 
5th place: PapayaHero 41 

Winners please personal message Ogi Malinic on facebook or discord! 

Kind regards, Pirates Online Crew 
PS: New event will be announced in few days

Sun, Apr 2018 - by Ogi