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Updates April 15th

Dear players!
 We would like to announce our April 15th update information!

What's new? 
- Shining gem can be forged to shield 
- Ruby Dagger glow
- Few new apparels in award center 
- Ring apparel glow
- Shield apparels
- Fan glow 
- 10% Ref drop - Blue Mud DS boss
- x10 Morph Runestones added to Item Mall for 1599 imps

Slow down mighty strike lasts only 1 second 
Primal rage has 50% chance to hit half the damage 

5% defence increase 
5% hp increase 

5% hp increase 
5% defence increase 

Cleric: Intense magic is non functional(just for now) until server adapts and level cap increases

Coming soon: 
- VIP page with cosmetics for vips
- Advanced map timers
- Voting on topofgames for untradeable exp fruits 
- Credits auctions 
- Additional dungeon updates: daily quests and better rewards

Thu, Apr 2018 - by Ogi