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PO Easter Event

# Easter Event Pirates Online
Event Time: April 1st 2018: 7PM server time
Event Name: Easter Egg Hunt 

Hello players, easter is just around the corner and we have prepared for you yet another ingame event! 
What's this event all about? The player's will be asked to go to a random location 10 minutes before the event starts. 
Once the event starts easter eggs will randomly drop around the given area in random locations.

How many eggs will be dropped? 
25 eggs will be dropped within this map.

Easter Egg Drops: 
1. UG Scroll 5% Chance 
2. Refining Gem 10% chance 
3. 1 Million dollar note 15% chance 
4. 100 Imps Scroll 10% Chance 
5. Kal runestone 5% chance 
6. Locke's Power 5% chance 
7. Lv2 Refining Gem Voucher 5% chance 
8. 10x New sheep skin scroll 15% chance 
9. Bunny Apparel card (exchange for bunny apparel) 15% chance 
10. 5x Old sheep skin scroll 15% chance 

Item Mall update: 3x exp amp will be added to mall for 59 imps each.

Sat, Mar 2018 - by Ogi