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Guide Event Winners

Dear players! As you may have noticed,there was "Guides Event" going on until yesterday,2nd of March. The reason for this kind of event is because we have boosted & improved our advertising tactics which lead to attracting a lot of newcomers who actually forgot how to play tales of pirates. During this event time we've received total of 38 useful guides which were posted on our forum. You can check them out here: We'd like to thank everyone who participated in this event. 420life,amaraoazawa,hotterthansun,kingfisher,moggi,gamezone,erick20,uchichaitachi,deku,zenn & destroyer 5 most viewed guides: - How to farm Refining Gems? (Tips) by 420LIFE (102 views) - Guide to be rich using junk items by hotterthansun (93 views) - OSS & NSS Hunting (Guide) by 420LIFE (90 views) - Where to level up from lv1 - Lv75 by moggi (80 views) - Unique Gems Farming (Guide) by 420LIFE (66 views) 5 most accurate guides: - Chaos Argent [Guide & Maps] by 420Life - Hexathlon Quest (guide) by moggi - How to farm Refining Gems? (Tips) by 420Life - Unique Gems Farming (Guide) by 420Life - Rebirth by amaraozawa 5 most useful guides: - DEKU'S GUIDE FOR BEING RICH! Money Making! by Deku - Money Making Ways by uchihaitachi - Guides by ±Zen - Guide to be rich using junk items by hotterthansun - Discipling (Basic Part) by hotterthansun The winners are: 1st place: 420Life Reward: 700Crystals 2nd place: hotterthansun Reward: 500Crystals 3rd place: moggi Reward: 400Crystals 4th place: Deku Reward: 300Crystals 5th place: ±Zen Reward: 200Crystals Winners please personal message us on forum or discord! Kind regards Pirates Online Crew

Sun, Mar 2018 - by Ogi