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Guides Event

Dear players!
As you may have noticed, our game is progressing really well. There's a lot of new players joining our community each day!
In order to help them get through hard time knowing how to farm and such, we decided to host "Guides Event" What is "Guides Event" ? It's an event where players will be asked to make professional and detailed guides about following things:
- TOP 5 Money making ways - Where to level up from lv1 - Lv75 - Forsaken City map guide - Dark Swamp map guide - Demonic World map guide - Chaos Argent map guide - NSS/OSS hunting - Ways to farm Unique Gems - Ways to farm Refininig Gems - Hexathlon Quest Guide - All classes promotion guide - Cooking,Crafting tips
Where to post your guide? Player's have to post their guide on our forum under Guides section!
How will we choose winners? The most proffesional and correct guides will win. 5 winners: 1st place: 700 Crystals 2nd place: 500Crystals 3rd place: 400 Crystals 4th place: 300Crystals 5th place: 200 Crystals
Event deadline: 2nd of March Pirates Online Crew

Thu, Feb 2018 - by Ogi