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Updates are now available

Dear players! 

We would like to announce that update - "Path of the Goddess" is now available! 
Level 75 Patch ~ Path of the Goddess 

1. Max level is now lvl 75 
2. Pirates clubs are now available 
3. Hexathlon is raised to lvl 70 
4. Demonic World Bosses drop Pirates Necklace Chest (5% drop), Dream city boss drops it at 8% drop, and dungeons drop it at 2%
5. Rebirth is now available 
6. Level 60 1 Handed champ weapons added to drops. 
7. Venom Arrow deals 10 damage per lvl (Lvl 10 = 100 damage per poison) 
8. Fixed Apparels that could not be equiped by phyliss crusader
9. New apparels added to the game 
10. School book + Tider is deleteable 
11. Offline stall fixed and added to game (Guide: 1. Set stall, 2.Type &offline in local chat 3.Close client)

Sat, Feb 2018 - by Ogi