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Video Event

Hello everyone! We would like thank-you each and every one of you for joining our community and making this game a reality. The server is progressing really well! It has already gained a huge population in such a short time! Therefore we would like to announce our very first event! What will our first event consist of? It will consist of players creating video's of the server. What kind of video should you make? The video must contain your adventures! (leveling,farming,bossing,pking,questing,exploring etc etc) Where to post the video? Step 1: Post video on the youtube Step 2: Post the youtube video link + character name on the forum thread: viewtopic.php?f=7&t=28 Step 3: Post the youtube video link + character name into our facebook group on facebook: The youtube video description: Youtube video MUST contain the following description: '' Join Pirates Online at Discord for daily rewards: Forum: '' How will we choose winners? We will choose the best quality videos as our winners! How many winners? There will be 5 winners that all get the same reward ( 500 IMPS ) Event deadline: January 21th 23.59pm

Sun, Jan 2018 - by Ogi