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[Item] Champion obtainable throught 35-75

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[Item] Champion obtainable throught 35-75

Post by Protego » Thu Dec 20, 2018 1:52 am

Hello everyone

Here you can find all the equipment that exist in Pirates Online , for champion classified by level.
You might notice that every item is linked to our database, so you can check the stats of it.
For those who doesn´t know, in naval Image , you can exchange some stones and items for EQs Lv 75 with the Bewildered Researchers
You can obtain the Image Sparkling Wishing Stone combining two items, that you get by mining the meteorite, at the NPC Redemption - Bingo in Argent (2231,2715).
  • Image Welding Catalyst
  • Image Dark Wishing Stone

Image Skeletar Chest of Swordsman - Lv30
  • Image Blade of Crimson Flame
  • Image Greaves of Crimson Flame
  • Image Gauntlets of Crimson Flame
  • Image Battle Armor of Crimson Flame
Image Chest of Forsaken City - Lv 35
  • Image Armor of Revenant
  • Image Sword of Grief
Image Incantation Chest of Champion - Lv 40
  • Image Sword of Glowing Flame
  • Image Battle Armor of Nature
Image Dos Wyrm Sword Lv 45

Image Chest of Dark Swamp - Lv 45
  • Image Tattoo of the Cursed Warrior
  • Image Greatsword of Incantation
Image Longsword Falchion Lv 50

Image Star of Unity - Lv 50
  • Image Invader Sword
Image Evanescence Chest of Champion - Lv 50
  • Image Roar of Gallon
  • Image Tattoo of Gallon
Image Chest of Demonic World - Lv 55
  • Image Tattoo of Evanescence
  • Image Roar of Evanescence
Image Chaos Chest - Lv 55
  • ImageChaos Framestone
  • ImageChaos Pawstone
  • ImageChaos Clawstone
Image Trinity LongSword Lv 60

Image Sparkling Wishing Stone / Black Market - Lv 60
  • Image Bone Sword
Image Enigma Chest of Champion - Lv 60
  • Image Greatsword of the Tortoise
  • Image Tattoo of the Tortoise
Image Chest of Enigma - Lv 65
  • Image Judgment of Enigma
  • Image Tattoo of Enigma
Image Sparkling Wishing Stone / Black Market - Lv 70
  • Image Winds of Death
  • Image Primal Axe of Rage
  • Image Thunder Blade
ImageBoss Equipment - Lv 70
  • Image Hephaestus Framestone
  • Image Hephaestus Clawstone
  • Image Hephaestus Pawstone
Image Bewildered Researcher B / Black Market - Lv 75
  • Image Colossus

Image Baby Black Dragon / Image OSS / Black Market - Lv 75
  • Image Greaves of Olympus
  • Image Gauntlets of Olympus
  • Image Armor of Olympus
Image Carcass of Death / Abyss Lord - Tyran - Lv 75
  • Image Tear of Hardin (Constitution)
  • Image Tear of Hardin (Strength)
Image Black Dragon Altar - Lv 75
  • Image Black Dragon Wing
  • Image Black Dragon Claw
  • Image Black Dragon Torso