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[Guide] Halites

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[Guide] Halites

Post by Protego » Thu Aug 09, 2018 12:28 am

Hello everyone

This time i ll explain step by step, how to use Image Halites.

What is a Halite?

Halites allow you to transfer all the gems from 1 equipment directly to another one, without pliering and reforging.

Where can i get them?

Halites are obtainable through the item mall

Where can i transfer the gems?

Go to Shaitan (898,3497) and meet the Transfer NPC - Nigritta.


Talk to her.


Select Transfer Forge Information to get informed about the process.


What do i need to transfer my gems to another Equipment?
  • A gemmed equipment

  • A clean equipment: it is not necessary that the equipment that will receive the gems has sockets in it.

  • Image Halites: the amount of halites needed depends on the Gems Lv.
  • Some gold to pay the Transfer Fee.

NOTE: Don´t add sockets on the clean equipment. When you transfer thg gems, you transfer them with their sockets. So the gemmed equipment will lose the sockets.

How does it work?

Talk to Nigritta and select Transfer Forge


After that, you will open the Transfer Panel


How many Halites do i need?

According to the info on the NPC:
  • Lv 1-3 Gems: require 1 Halite
  • Lv 4-5 Gems: require 2 Halites
  • Lv 6+: require 3 Halites
Let´s check our equipment:

  • 1st socket: Gems Lv 4-5 --> 2 Halite
  • 2nd socket: Gems Lv 1-3 --> 1 Halite
  • 3rd socket: Gems Lv 4-5 --> 2 Halite

In this case, to transfer this gems to the new equipment will cost Image 5 Halites

Drag the equips into the Panel


NOTE: If you ever put the equipments in the wrong place, you will see that the gold needed to pay the Transfer Fee is zero, instead of 130,000




When the Transfer is done, you will see this:


And in system you can check it aswell


In your inventory you will have:
  • The old equipment without gems and sockets.

  • The new Equipment with all the transfered gems.

Let´s say that you got bored of being a cleric and want to go for Seal Master. You can get your SM weapon and use Haites again.



So now, you will have:
  • Your SM Staff gemmed

  • And your Cleric Staff with no gems or sockets. Everything is transfered.

Note: you can trasfer the Gems from your staff to another staff, the gems on your shoes to other shoes Why? Because it is the Same Item type

What if you want to go for Voyager !?

Let´s see what happens if you want to transfer the gems from the SM Staff to the Dagger.



It failed.

As you can see, you cannot transfer the gems from the staff to the dagger since they are different types of items.